This post is for everyone who tells me that the reason I can’t sleep at night is because I never do anything and not because of insomnia. Here is me, proving you wrong.

Woke up this morning at 8:30am and spent a couple hours cleaning up, getting something to eat and hauling all those lovely bags from the picture in my last post out to my car. Then there was another twenty minutes of locating my dryer sheets which somehow managed to crawl its way under my bed1. I was out of the house by 10:30 and off to the laundromat. Thankfully I decided to change laundromats a few months ago. The one I used to go to was small, dirty and in a pretty shady neighborhood2 while this new one is in a better neighborhood, is always clean and even has a cafe attached to it so you can grab something to eat/drink while you’re there.

Trey's Laundromat - Brighton Heights
Trey’s Laundromat

After I was done doing laundry3 I headed back home and proceeded to actually put all of said laundry away. I’m infamous for doing laundry and then leaving it folded up in the bags for weeks afterwards, so this is a big step for me! I’m giving credit to the fact that I now have a second dresser so I don’t have to stuff my things in drawers anymore. I even have a bonus place in my old dresser to hang up hoodies, since there is one part of it with a door and a clothes bar4. This spring I’m going to be stripping and re-staining the old dresser black so that it matches my new one.

While putting clothes away, I was even able to find the match for one of my socks that joined the Lonely Hearts Club for Socks while I was doing laundry.

Socks missing their matches
Lonely Hearts Club for Socks: Membership:  5  4

Once I had put everything away, I realized I still had a lot more time before I needed to get ready for class, so I grabbed some jeans that needed hemming and the clothes that I intended to donate and headed off to the other side of the city. I should be able to pick up my pants from the alterations place on Friday and finally have some pants that actually fit me and don’t drag hopelessly on the ground5. The guy at goodwill was also super nice when I dropped off the two bags of clothes. I meant to actually go in the store and look around but I got so distracted by the fact that I’d actually accomplished something that I completely forgot to.

I came home, got a shower and had just enough time to watch an episode of Generation Kill before it was time to go to class. And what a class it was. Typically my classes are from 6pm to 8:40pm. Well in this class we’re filming a play being put on by the school’s theater company and then producing a DVD for them of the performance. Tonight we went down to watch their dress rehearsal. Everyone had to stay up until they took the break to simulate intermission…then everyone but the production team could leave. Production had to stay to take notes on where camera cuts should be in order to help out in editing. Guess who is on the production team? Yep… I didn’t leave the theater until 10pm. The only cool part about this whole process is the camera I get to use to film with…I’ve never used a real digital video camera before so I’m kind of like a kid in a candy factory.

My class camera
JVC’s ProHD Camcorder

I finally made it back home, got something to eat, watched my DVR’d episode of Gossip Girl, mentally slapped myself for not setting up the recording for 2 Broke Girls and now I’m here: proving a point. I’ve been on the go all day. It’s 1:30 am and I am wide awake. I laid in bed for an hour and stared at the ceiling before finally getting back up and deciding to blog.

Oh well… At least I’m doing better at blogging6!

P.S. Yay or nay on the pictures in posts? I’ve become quite the iphoneographer the past few days and I like posting them. So I shall continue posting them if people don’t mind it and my slight addiction to the instagram filters. I promise I’ll post more non-filtered photos too7.
P.S.S. I really am in the process of getting in to see a doctor about my sleeping issues, because clearly it’s not from a lack of activity.

  1. I swear, that place is like Sock World for household objects…if you can’t find it, it’s probably under there somewhere
  2. Though I will admit I never had any problems there
  3. It actually didn’t take as long as I originally thought it would considering I was doing practically all my clothes
  4. I used to just pile things folded in there because I actually didn’t realize there was a bar in there
  5. I can finally shop in stores for pants, but now I’m running into the “regular pants are 32″ inseam” problem since I’m short and my inseam is only 28-9″
  6. Knock on wood
  7. They’ll probably still be through instagram though since hey… free storage and I don’t have to crop them / resize them myself!